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    Our mission is to eradicate poverty by helping people the world over achieve financial abundance through the teachings of universal principles of attraction, abundance and wealth. Here are three ways to get involved with Universe.School and our movement to improve life on planet earth.

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    The human brain can only conceive of what it already knows. The same is true in reverse: what you most want can become real. How? Simple. When you imagine with every fibre of your being – when you see, smell, touch and taste your dreams – they slip into reach because your brain “knows” this reality already exists. Sign up here to plant the seeds of possibility in your every day.


    Living a life of wealth and ease can be simple. The Universe.School money manifesting course teaches universal principals that will open the gateway to a wealthy life. Suspend your disbelief, follow the instructions to the letter for six weeks and watch your world change forever. Click here to access the free course.

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    I’ve collected some amazing books about manifesting, co-creating a wealthy and abundant life, and being happier while doing it. These books massively affected my life. I believe in their power so much that I’ve bought the rights to them, so you can have them for free. Click here to download yours now.”

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    From fear to flow: where it all began

    A few years ago, I was homeless and living in poverty. When I was at my lowest I studied how the Universe works and applied what I learned about universal principles to shift me out of dread and debt.

    It may sound unbelievable, but here’s the truth: I went from homelessness and utter poverty to wealth and a life beyond my dreams by following simple but challenging steps. People I taught these principles to have since broken into higher levels of abundance. You can do the same.

    I’ve compiled everything I learned into a free six-week course so that you can start right now. When you embed new practices into your daily life, you’ll build the foundation to make your dream a reality.

    The course is 100% free because I know that once you’ve learned to make money, you’ll see the value in this type of work and will be keen to pursue your learning, share what you’ve learned with others and continue to grow.

    The benefits will ripple out: when one of us rises, we all rise. I want you to rise.

    When you learn about the Universe, you’ll take control of consciously creating your reality. It’s that simple. You are a celestial being of life on the cutting edge of creation at a cellular level. Get ready to join the LOVE/EVOLution.

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      • a great and must on wealth creation. Worth completing again and again

        - P Burton – Surrey

      • A very deep and thought provoking course. A message from 1910 that is invaluable. This is The Secret before the Secret.

        - B Ray – Winchester

      • This is a course in the tradition of “As a man thinketh”, a book with a simple idea that can change your life.

        - J Summer – Wales

      • The Science of Getting Rich is just what I needed right now. I think from the stress of everyday responsibilities to the current political climate, life has been weighing me down. This course gave me a new and more positive perspective about all of that. This course is about gaining wealth, but it is so much more than that. It is about having the power to set your mind on something you really want and then achieving it. Sounds kind of cheesy, but I’m telling you, this course was a game changer for me.

        - J Braithwaite – Liverpool

      • This course is a must. It changes the way you look at things in life. It makes you realize what you as an individual can do and is able to do. It wakes you up to see the stronger inner you and will help you become more determined and stronger. Loved it and would highly recommend

        - J Spencer – Poole

      • LOVED this course! Required reading for every man, woman and child. As soon as my child is old enough I’m going to read it to him. Who needs Mother Goose when you’ve got Wallace Wattles.

        This course is just full from beginning to end of powerful teachings and divine wisdom. It unabashedly touts the benefits power of optimism, belief, faith, hard work, enthusiasm, gratitude, personal magnetism, leadership, progress and personal increase. Full of wisdom and truth. Profound yet simple. Profoundly simple. It teaches you how getting rich, the creative way, is the best thing you can do to help yourself, help your family, help the poor, help everyone around you and make the world a much better place.

        One of the best things about this course is that it’s direct and tells you exactly what you need to do.

        - K Winter – London

      • In my mind, this is a must read for everyone! I had read Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” first and heard her mention Wallace Wattles as one of her mentors, so I decided to give it a whirl. Well, it became obvious that Rhonda used the same information, and called it “The Secret”. I loved this course! I’m putting the methods into action and can see the benefits already!

        - T Walton – Birmingham

      • I have only bought this course last week and am already half way through it. It has astounded me. This course has eloquently summed up many of the ideas that I have been coming closer towards for years.

        The first two main points I’d like to note are that 1) acquiring wealth is not bad or sinful, on the contrary, it enables one to fulfill their potential in all areas of life and adds to the greater good for everyone; and 2) acquiring wealth does not mean stealing wealth from others — there is not a finite amount of resource or money — it is possible to create wealth without taking it from others.

        This course sums it up and more, and I have found that there is a whole community site surrounding it.

        - S Flowers – Sunderland

      • This course has changed my life. It has inspired ideas and plans in me that I never thought existed. It changed the way I saw the world, and actually worked to draw me nearer to my dreams as a result of the way the world works. I recommend everyone who is inspired to do more in their lives to read this, as it is a life changing course.

        - B Hayne – Wiltshire

      • I was started to get bored with all the websites promising riches if I bought their program when I discovered the free course from I applied it and now have enough money to be able to afford to live a life I never would have dreamed. Money may not buy happiness but I can assure you poverty sucks!

        - G Brooks – Newport (UK)

      • It worked like magic I can’t thank enough I have joined the revolution!

        - L Wolfe – Southampton (UK)

      • with so much choice on the internet it was great to find a site with so many free resources I am applying the principles shared and have started seeing results thanks you

        - A Holland – Newcastle (UK)

      • “I completed the four week course from and have been amazed by the results. I found the course incredibly simple to navigate and have followed the course to the letter. I have gone from financially never having enough to having more than I need in just four weeks. I can’t thank you enough I love my life”

        - M Baker – Highcliffe Dorset (UK)