A (very) brief summary of the meaning of life.

A (very) brief summary of the meaning of life, including a broad-brush explanation of how and why.

Imagine that you are God/Universe/Spirit/Quantum field (you choose). Time and space do not exist. Everything is perfect, a total bliss, this absolutely, totally amazing, marvellous feeling which goes on forever and ever and ever…

This is great except for the fact that because everything is so absolutely perfect, anything not perfect is merely a concept. Perfection is all there is.

As you are the divine and you can do anything you choose, you decide that you would like to experience perfection. You would like to see it, you would like to feel it, you would like to touch it. You would like to actually have an experience.

This requires some thought, because to actually have an experience, you need a framework, so you can measure your experience within this structure. For example, to experience hot, cold must exist. To experience tall short must exist. To experience perfection, that which is imperfect must exist.


To resolve this, you created a universe which is infinite and contains all possibilities that could ever exist. Because the universe is infinite, chance is infinite, therefore, the chance of anything occurring is limitless. As a result of your universe’s infinite capabilities, everything occurred an infinite number of times.

You then split yourself up into an infinite number of pieces, removing from yourself the knowledge of what had happened. Let go of the reigns and sat within as the silent witness. This allowed you to construct and explore the products of your creation purely for the joy of the experience. Whilst you are always knowing that you/they could never be harmed in any real way as reality was no more than a dream. A dream that could be controlled. The following steps, when followed, will begin to show you how powerful you really are.