Are you a negative thinker?

“Every thought you have has an energy that will either strengthen or weaken you’ Wayne Dyer

Negative thinking is all about how you react to the events, circumstances and people in your life. Some people will always react and speak negatively, while others take a more positive approach.

Have you noticed which ones tend to be happier and are nicer to be around?

We all have an energy field around our body, an energetic aura if you like, and within this we carry the weight of our emotions. There will be people in your life who you find it hard to be around, for some reason they drain you of energy and you can’t wait to get away from them. Often this is because they look at the world and what is happening in their life in a negative way. They feel like everything is happening to them, that life’s not fair, that they have no choice and that they are powerless. They look at the world like their glass is half empty and they’re terrified by what else might happen. 

I want to stress that we will all go through challenging times in life and it’s ESSENTIALthat you allow yourself to fully feel into the emotions that these situations and circumstance bring up for you. From my work with clients, I know how detrimental suppressed emotions and feelings can be in terms of your emotional, and physical health. Being a positive person is NOTabout brushing things under the carpet and pretending all is well – facing your feelings takes a great deal of strength, and I have an immense amount of admiration and respect for anyone willing to do this.

This lesson is all about understanding, your natural reaction to things. It’s about taking some honest reflection time to see what habits you have formed, where you need to stop being negative and face your true emotions. This is a key step on the path to creating the life and business you want.

If you can see for yourself what you’re doing and then choose differently, you’re suddenly in control of your life and you become a deliberate creator of your reality. Over the course of our time together, it will be amazing how differently you’ll be able to respond to things and how you‘ll be able to ‘see’ exactly what you’re doing! I can’t tell you how many times I would stop and laugh at myself because I could finally see what I was doing and why, it gave such a lightness to everything. I could stop beating myself up for decisions I made or how I was emotionally triggered and instead I adopted the philosophy of – ‘What can I learn from this’ and‘I can always choose differently next time’.

It’s also helpful to see where your negative thinking comes from, remember most of our conditioning is in place before we turned 6. So if you grew up in a very negative family, it’s very likely that this way of thinking and looking at the world was considered normal. The great thing about knowing this, is that now you can choose to shed and release these beliefs, because they’re actually not yours.