How do you feel about money generally?

In this module, we’re going deeper into your money mindset and how you feel about money and rich people generally. Some of these beliefs will certainly play into your energetic income level, which we looked at in the last module. We want to ensure we clear this, not only to move past your energetic income ceiling, but also to ensure we eliminate fear, self-sabotage and procrastination when it comes to taking action.

We’ll be looking at:

  • What negative views and beliefs you have about money and about rich people and successful people.
  • Where you’re carrying the beliefs of another and making it your own truth.

Let’s start by reflecting on some questions about money.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to really connect in with these questions and notice the first response that comes. As always, don’t judge what comes up for you, just be curious and intrigued by where the belief comes from and the meaning you have attached to it: 

  1. What emotions come up when you think about money and how does money make you feel? Think of money as a person if that’s easier… how do you feel in it’s company? Do you feel valued, special, significant, safe? Or perhaps money makes you feel insecure, jealous of others and uncertain about the future.
  2. What beliefs do you have around money? Do you feel you’ll have to do anything in particular for money to come into and stay in your life? Will you have to work hard for money? Will someone always try and take from you if you have money? Is money dirty?
  3. Reflect again on the questions you answered about your tangible and intangible goals at the start of this program. What is the significance of having money in your life? What will it allow you to do, be, have, feel or achieve? Money is never the thing we really want, it’s what we believe it will give us. For example, freedom, choice, security or the ability to travel the world.

It’s important to remember that if you’re holding onto negative views and beliefs about money, then at a subconscious level you’ll be pushing money away and energetically blocking it from coming to you.

Take the example of money as a person again. If you think of money as a person and you felt negatively about that person, would you really want to be around them? If you couldn’t trust them, rely on them, or wondered what you would have to do to keep them in your life, do you really think you would be open to them? There would always be this resistance between you and this is often a big way that people are blocked when it comes to money.

Taking this one stage further, what if they (money) could sense your feelings about them, would they really want to be around you? Knowing that you didn’t trust them and you doubted them. Do you like being around people where you can sense that they don’t like, or trust you? When you start looking at money as simply a metaphor, things become fascinating and it can help you get to the root cause of things.