How to overcome fear

Let me share some simple tips on how to overcome fear: 

  • Name the real fear. Underneath it all, what are you really worried about? Fear of failing, being rejected, making a bad decision, of not being enough, of not being able to give your family security and stability? Identify the fear and then dig deeper to find out what that is really about and where its roots are. For example, if you didn’t have a stable upbringing, you may have a strong desire to create stability for your own children and the fear of not having the money to do this, is very triggering. Journaling and EFT are great for going deeper and once you have those insights, it can actually help you to understand and manage your fear.
  • Release the belief that you won’t be able to cope or survive. Think of all the things you have dealt with in the past and over came. Was it easy? No! But did you get through it? Yes! You can do this, so it’s time to believe in yourself and take come action. Whether this is putting yourself out there and speaking your truth, going for that promotion, offering a new service in your business, or taking a risk.
  • Stop believing that you’re powerless.This is so destructive and will keep you stuck until you decide to no longer be a victim. You are a powerful creator and in any moment you can choose to move closer to your ideal life. Take one small step at a time, because with each step you become more and more powerful. Think about one of the biggest challenges that you’ve ever conquered in life. How did you deal with it? Answering this question, will help you to see that you really are powerful and strong. Tap into that energy once more and decide where you need to start taking back control.
  • Challenge yourself everyday to do something that is uncomfortable.This could be as simple as changing your daily routine, changing the route you drive to certain places, sharing a blog or something on social media that shows who you really are, asking the new person at work or in your peer circle, if they want to have lunch together. Start small, gain your confidence and then keep pushing your boundaries.
  • Use EFT/Visualisations/Meditation to help release and over come your fears.EFTis amazing at releasing the fear and instilling a sense of calm. Visualisationshelp you to step into how you want things to look and how you want to feel. If you’re a fan of the law of attraction then you know that these visions and feelings raise your energetic vibration and set the intention for what you want. Meditationwill help you feel calm and more connected to something bigger than you. This will increase your trust and faith that all will be well.
  • Stop resisting change.You cannot stay alive and resist change. Even growing older is change. You have to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, uncertain and unsure. To help you with this, you need to figure out how to feel safe at your core. For me this is about ensuring my connection with source/the divine is strong and so meditating is a non-negotiable part of my day. When I don’t do this for a few days in a row, I feel more anxiety, resistance to change and generally I lack trust and faith that all will be well. Ask yourself what needs to be in place in your life for you to feel secure for some this might mean having a solid relationship with their partner or knowing you always have the support of family.
  • Have faith and trust in something bigger than you.If you knew that you were supported whatever decision you made, it would be much easier to get out there and take action. You already know that I have a strong faith in spirituality and this has helped me view life and the challenges I have come up against very differently. I have a sense of peace and acceptance around things that most people don’t. I still get triggered, but I use these people and situations as an opportunity for growth and expansion.
  • Choose positive language.The words you use, can either lift you up and give you the courage to take action, or crush you in a single sentence. Think carefully about how you talk to yourself, with others and to others. Be the one that inspires others to choose differently. Ask yourself if you need to choose more empowering language.