I feel controlled by money

There is no doubt that at times, money can make us feel powerless and controlled. We want to purchase things, travel the world, or perhaps work part time, but we can’t because we need more money to do this and so we believe that money is controlling us. 

It’s impacting what we can do, what we can have, where we can go, our sense of freedom and how we feel. Our choices in life feel like they are tied up with money. When we allow ourselves to think in that way, we’re giving our power away and worse we make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. We can no longer see the opportunities that are within our grasp, we only see the things we can’t do or have. We languish in a state of lack, not enough and wanting. 

There will be people who will strongly argue against this and give reason after reason as to why they can’t take action due to money. In reality they are using the lack of money as an excuse. For some this is fear based, laziness or simply because it’s easier not to ‘do’ anything. Especially if this action places us outside of our comfort zones, for example speaking up, sharing our truth, asking for the business, doing things alone etc 

Let’s look at where you believe you’re being controlled and if money is really the issue, or simply the easiest thing to blame. There is no need to feel shame for the excuses you gave in the past. You were trying to retain control of your life and to feel safe. The key thing is being ready to move past this now, so reflect on the following: 

  1. Where do you feel as if money is controlling your choices?
  2. Look at each situation again, is there any action that you’re taking, or not taking that is making this situation worse?
  3. Is there anything that you could commit to that would change this situation?
  4. Are there baby steps you could take to get the momentum going and feel like you’re in control and taking action in creating what you really want from life? Focusing our energy allows it to grow and expand, the key is always in getting started.

Our thoughts are the one thing we can always control, yes it’s hard, but ultimately it’s the one thing we always have control over. People can try and tell us what to think, but ultimately we get to accept this or not.