Identify your fears around having more money

For many people they block themselves from earning more money, because their mind is full of beliefs, or stories, about the downsides of earning more money. They have gone straight to the negative side of things, where they would have to deal with some of their fears. Their mind has decided that these things must be avoided and so they limit themselves and their income.

Let’s look at these beliefs or stories a little more, because they can actually be split into fact and fiction.

It’s a fact that when you earn more money certain things will happen. These things are often based on rules outside of our control. For example:

  • You will have to pay more tax
  • You will have to pay more National Insurance
  • Your benefits from the state/government will be reduced
  • You’ll have to start repaying student loans
  • Your ex will be entitled to pay you less spousal maintenance
  • You’ll have to pay more spousal and child maintenance

There comes a point when you have to ask yourself if all of the above are actually ‘great’ situations to deal with. For example, if you have to pay more tax, it’s because you’re earning more and I think that’s something to celebrate. It could of course be that there are deeper emotions at play here. It’s about more than simply having to pay more tax or maintenance, it could be that you are carrying a deep level of resentment for having to give away your hard earned money. Throughout the course, you’ll gain more clarity and insight into this, which is essential if you want to clear your blocks, raise your energetic vibration to attract more and actually to feel lighter and less resentful.

There are also things that fall into the category of fiction, because you have no idea or proof that they will actually happen. Despite your mind trying to tell you otherwise. It’s trying to convince you that there are things to be worried about and scared of and so must be avoided. Your imagination has literally run away with you.

Also be mindful that just because something happened before when you earned more money, it does not mean it will happen again. For example, last time you earned a big bonus, or you made a huge sale in your business, you had to work really hard for it. You sacrificed gym time, socialising and your relationship and you’re not sure it was worth what you lost. It doesn’t always have to be that way, there could be some sneaky beliefs about having to work hard for money that need to be cleared, or it could be that you need to let go of control and allow yourself to delegate and be supported. It’s essential that we always dig beneath the surface to see what’s really going on, because it’s never just about the money. 

Finally, just because it happened to your sister, brother, parents or friends, it does not mean it will happen to you. Everyone is walking their own path in this life and we all have our own challenges and wounds to heal. You could waste so much time living in fear of certain things happening and usually it’s something you weren’t prepared for that happens and triggers you!

So, let’s look at some of the things playing out in your mind, about what might happen. Remember, these are just suggestions and a starting point for you. You may never have thought about these sorts of things before and logically you might want to dismiss them, but take the time to reflect because as you know, most of our power is in the subconscious and these are often where these fears, beliefs and stories lie. We need to be willing to access these and see what we couldn’t before, because this is where transformation happens.

  • People might judge you and treat you differently
  • You might trigger other people as they don’t earn as much and they may emotionally and physically shut you out
  • You don’t want to feel guilty for having money and seeing others struggle
  • You might have to work harder and longer hours
  • You’ll have to work with awful clients who are demanding and needy
  • You may have to sacrifice your down time and give up some hobbies, socialising or gym time
  • You might burn out like last time or become unwell
  • Your body may not support you
  • It could cause arguments with your partner in terms of how the money should be spent. Perhaps you’re scared to earn more and out shine them, or emasculate them? This can be especially true for women, who don’t want to change the dynamics of their relationship
  • You’ll have to give so much more to others and you’re just not sure you’ve want to
  • Your family will expect hand outs, or to be supported
  • By earning more you might outshine others generally and this feels uncomfortable
  • Your current income keeps you below the radar of the world at large. This is especially true for Sensitive Souls and Introverts, who don’t like lots of attention. More success means more visibility and then opening yourself up to judgement, criticism and rejection

What are you beginning to notice?

Do any of these things feel true for you?

Everything that has come up for you, will tell you a lot about why you’re not as open to money as you could be. For some people, you’ll be very aware of your blocks and for others it will take some time to access the subconscious. Often there are things lurking in there that we don’t want to deal with or admit. So take your time and don’t be frustrated if the answers don’t come straight away.