Quietening Your Internal Mind

For a lot of people, when they close their eyes and try to clear their mind their internal dialogue starts chatting away so much that they become frustrated with their inability to clear their mind, this then causes their internal dialogue to become more frustrated, harder to silence and they give up. However, when you use the following N.L.P Technique you will find that it is easy to quieten your internal dialogue and have peace. Do this simple technique now and next time you need to relax mentally it will be much easer for you.

The first thing to do is become aware that it is your internal dialogue and that you are making it! So take an inventory, is it louder on the left side or the right side? Is it softly spoken or a harsh tonality or somewhere in-between? Is it comforting or nagging? High pitched or low pitched?’

Then take control. Speed it up faster and faster and raise the pitch higher and higher. Then stop, notice your internal dialogue, and slow it down, slower and slower and lower the pitch, lower and lower. As you slow down and lower the pitch of your internal dialogue also turn the volume down. When a new part of your internal dialogue starts talking do the same to that and so on until your internal world becomes quiet.


Quietening Your Internal Dialogue Exercise

  • Close your eyes and notice your internal dialogue or voice
  • Realise you have control by making the voice louder
  • Then make the voice quieter
  • When another voice comes in and says ‘well this is silly’ or ‘this doesn’t work’ make that voice quieter too, and so on
  • You can visualise a dial or volume switch if you like and turn that down and imagine your internal dialogue (that after all you are just imagining anyway) becoming quieter

An alternative to quietening your internal dialogue is to change it. A negative internal dialogue can hold you back.

Instead of simply quietening your internal dialogue you can change it into a tonality that sounds silly. If you change the voice in your mind so it sounds like Mickey Mouse, any critical internal dialogue (thinking) will sound ridiculous. When it sounds stupid it loses it power over you.

Your internal dialogue is your thinking. Sometimes you do it consciously and sometimes it’s happens subconsciously. The critical internal dialogue can sometimes be like an over protective parent, it means well, but it can hold you back. Take control of your internal dialogue and think deliberately. Quieten or Mickey Mouse your internal dialogue and the feelings that hold you back will start to lessen or disappear completely.