Start a journal of what your life is like now – that you earn £45K and have spare money.

Download the attached example (see link – in the downloads panel on the right), then copy black text exactly and insert your version over the blue text.

 Principles of the Journal

  • Complete daily as though you are writing a diary of actual events. The main aim is to evoke a feeling. With this feeling, the universe cannot tell the difference whether it is pretend or actual. It’s all a dream anyway – the universe will replicate depending on your feeling.
  • Spend 4-6 minutes per day every day
  • Keep the language in the present. Always talk about something as though its currently happening. You do not want to manifest something in the future because you never ever get there. Remember you only have the present.
  • Keep the language in the positive. Do not talk about how things used to be. Only focus on the good things you do which make you excited. Feel the excitement.
  • Do not worry about repetition. You are trying to evoke a feeling
  • This should be fun, you have a magic pen that you are using to create your reality. Only a happy journey will create a happy ending. Do this daily with purposeful joy.