STEP 7: Things to avoid

Things to avoid when visualising/ creating/ manifesting

1. The need for specific people to do specific things or behave in a specific ways

Whilst it is fine to imagine a scenario and get lost in the glorious details of the picture in fact it’s a must, remember you are attaching to the feeling NOT the detail. You cannot control people universal principle works for all you are not a puppet master. Remember you want to create the feeling of having what you are manifesting. Do not let that feeling be attached to a specific scenario. If you do not only are you cutting of all other possibilities but also you are identifying with something that you are aware that in this reality you do not have which creates internal conflict. For example your visualisation or journal may include you receiving a promotion in your current position. Identify and attach to the feeling of advancement and increase do not get hung up on the promotion. This will allow you to be open to a new job offer a lucky win. Be playful and grateful for the advancement.

2. Insisting on details

This is a further expanse on the point above all details are unimportant. Fundamentally you want to be happy. The details for being happy include health/wealth/relationship/activity. Whilst happiness is ethereal you may find an abundance of wealth easier to focus on so concentrate on the feeling of wealth rather than specifically how you are to arrive at the wealth. When you attach to a detail then you cut off all other possibility and at the same time create a contrast with what you are attempting to attach to.

3. How

Forget how. It is unimportant there is an infinite amount of routes up the mountain. When you worry about how you are disconnecting from source.

Have you ever noticed how when you visualise ideas of happiness, fulfilment, abundance, health, romance, or friendship, you never have to wonder if it’s in your best interest? But when you visualise a specific house, employer, love interest, deadline, money amount, or fad diet, you often end up contradicting yourself?

Keep your “end results” general; everything else is just a how.