The Spinning Technique

The NLP spinning technique created by Dr Richard Bandler is a very fast and powerful way of changing the way you feel about something. When you have a feeling that is holding you back you can decide to take control and change it. Or you can decide to make the good feelings better.

You can use it to banish negative feelings that are holding you back and to increase the positive feelings that motivate you. By using this technique you can stop negative feelings you may have around money or your confidence to achieve your goals and replace them with much more wealthy, positive feelings. You can be more motivated to do the things you want to do or become the person you want to be.

You have feelings in your body, both positive (happy, motivate, excited, etc) and negative (jealousy, anger, worry, fear, laziness, etc). Those negitive feelings stop you achieving what you really want. They are blocks that hold you back and they need to be replaced with positive feelings that will excite and motivate you toward your future goals and visions with confidence.

So what if you could just switch off those negative feelings? What if you could amplify those good feelings and plan to have more of them, more of the time? How much more successful would you be? You would be coming from a much better perspective, excited about what you are doing and confident in its success.

Any sensation or feeling you have is just that, it’s a feeling, negative or positive. It feels like it is in your body, it feels like it is in a specific place in your body. Like an anxious ‘knot’ in the pit of your stomach or the excited ‘butterflies’ in your stomach. And yes, you may say it’s just in your mind but it feels like it is in your body doesn’t it? It feels like it is in a particular place in your body. Just take a moment to notice where you are feeling it.

When I work one to one with clients who want to change unwanted behaviour, such as smoking cession, I ask them where that feeling or craving starts. Because feelings start somewhere and move somewhere else and because it’s a continues feeling it will be looping round and round (otherwise it would be gone in an instant and wouldn’t bother you any more). With smoking, many clients would feel the craving for a cigarette in their mouth, throat or chest. They may not be even consciously aware of that feeling, where it is, where it is moving to but when asked, when they become conscious of it they can identify where they felt the craving and how it was moving.

So, you feel feelings in your body, they start some where and move somewhere else. (If you apply pressure to part of your body after awhile you won’t notice it, just like you don’t notice the pressure of your feet on the floor, or the pressure of your arm resting somewhere until I draw your attention to it). Now we can explore how we can alter those feelings. What happens when we change those movements, increase or decrease the speed and how it makes us feel.

Above is a video that talks you through the Spinning Technique and below you can download the MP3 and the PDF.

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