The Swish Pattern For Riches


In “Thought patterns of highly successful” we talk about changing your negative mindsets and unwanted behaviour, especially where money is concerned. It highlights the kind of thinking that is used by successful people and also the thought patterns to avoid. If you notice yourself running a ‘poor thinking’ pattern you can use, The Swish Pattern to change your habitual thoughts and behaviour to a more productive and resourceful thought and behavioural pattern.

The Swish Pattern (created by Dr Richard Bandler, co-originator of N.L.P) is one of the most effective and fastest ways to make changes to your mindset. Using this technique you can reprogram your mind so that you act and behave differently.

We have added this technique in for you again below and run through it as an audio MP3 to help you use this fantastic technique to make big changes in your life.


The Swish Pattern Exercise

  • Think of the situation where you have the unwanted behaviour and instead decide how you would like to be in this situation. Close your eyes and picture the new way clearly in your mind. (Make sure that when you picture it, the image is bright, bold, colourful, big and most importantly make the picture of you being resourceful in the situation)
  • Example: happy for someone when they come into money, calm when the kids have made a big mess.
  • Open your eyes and clear your mind (break state)
  • Example: Think of something else, a car, a melon, etc and shake off any feelings
  • Close your eyes and imagine being in the situation you want to change. (Picture it clearly from your point of view, see what you would see if you were there, hear what you would hear and feel the way you feel when you are in that situation)
  • Example: A friend of yours telling you they have just won a million dollars, permanent maker drawn on the walls
  • Open your eyes and clear your mind (break state)
  • Then imagine the first picture of you (the way you want to be) very small and in the bottom corner of the situation you are imagining that you want to change (friends success/kids mess). Very quickly make the smaller image (of how you want to be), expand so that it covers the image/picture of the way you currently are (from your point of view). Switch from seeing things as they were when you were in the situation to the way you want them to be.
  • Open your eyes
  • Repeat steps four and five 10 times
  • Think about how differently you will be in the situation now
  • Next repeat all the steps twice more with two other similar situations. It will take you less than five minutes to do ten repetitions for three situations. Do it now and see how well it works. Pick something that you can test, a situation you will be in today or tomorrow. You are saying to your mind ‘not this… this instead’. You are planning to behave in a new way when you are in an old situation.
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