Things to Note


  • I would strongly recommend that you keep a diary or journal for the things that come up during this course. All of these things hold clues as to what the deeper issue may be about and it may just surprise you. When you allow yourself to simply be in the moment and write, you may be surprised by what comes up.
  • The more time you commit to going through the material, taking time to reflect on the questions I ask, watching the videos (more than once is recommended) and listening to the meditations the more you will get out of this. The only person who can change your life and your reality is you, so the question is – ‘how much do you really want this’?
  • Make sure you watch the short EFT video in the next section. I’ll explain what EFT/Tapping is and I’ll show you the EFT tapping points. When you watch any of the video’s you’ll then be clear on where to tap – there is nothing more frustrating than not being clear on what you should be doing!
  • It would be lovely to work on our blocks just the once and hope that they don’t resurface, but every new level we reach, brings more things to work on, so stay committed to yourself and your dreams.
  • In the past clients have worked through this course and thought that certain topics were not relevant to them, however they were surprised that when they completed the exercises and watched the EFT videos they experienced big internal shifts. This is because our subconscious mind is very good at repressing things for us, in order to keep us safe. It doesn’t want to deal with emotional pain or hurt and often these are the very things we need to address if we are to move forward. So even if you think something is not relevant, give it some attention, because you may just be surprised!
  • Ensure that you’re drinking plenty of water. Releasing emotions is a form of de-toxing and the way to get rid of these from the body, is plenty of water. Especially if you find that you tend to get headaches after doing energy work!
  • Stop and rest if you need to. As your energetic vibration increases, your physical body needs to adjust and catch up, so listen to what your body needs. Don’t push on just because you think you should. Part of this is about helping you to see that life can be easy and making money can be easy, so choose to be experimental and playful with this. Trust that something bigger than you has your back and taking time out for a sneaky snooze is not going to be the downfall of your business, or block you from receiving money.

If you’re tired of always ‘trying’so hard and feeling like others must know some special secret that you don’t… then let’s get into this!