Time Lines


Below is an alternative Explicit and Direct Instructional Video Version of the Time Line Exercise

In “Your Vision Clarifier: Getting clear about what you really want” we talk about using Timelines to map out and solidify your future.

Your Timeline is the imaginary line that you can draw between the remembered thoughts in your mind and the imagined thoughts of events that haven’t happened yet.

You can use the NLP Timeline Technique to map out your vision and its success using the milestone goals you set out along the way.

At the bottom of the page you will find MP3 audios of both Time Line technique versions plus additional PDF documents to make this exercise even easier for you. Including a script that you can adapt to fit your personal goals and desires.

Time Line: An Explicit and Direct Instructional Version

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Time Lines Exercise

  • Think about the goal you want to achieve in 2 years time (or 1,3, 5 etc years) imagine seeing all the things that assure you that you have achieved this goal. (Using the example of two years) now imagine all the things you would need to have done in 12 months to be half way to your goal.
  • Next think about the things you will need to have achieved in 6 months and in 18 months time, so you have four points. A quarter of the way there, half way there, three quarters of the way and the whole way there.
  • Now you have a plan of things that need to be done. Imagine travelling 6 months into the future and seeing all the things you would see if you had done all of them. Do the same for 12, 18 and 24 months.
  • When you are 24 months in the future imagining what it will be like to have achieved these things look back down your Time Line and with the benefit of hindsight before the fact imagine what you could have done differently to have got there quicker or got more things achieved.
  • Then imagine floating down to the beginning of your Time Line, looking back to your goal. Now that you feel good about this new compelling future increase the feelings of desire and excitement for the future, spin and whirl the feelings inside you faster and faster and make them bigger, then imagine all of those feelings of desire and excitement and duplicate them. Spread the feelings along your Time Line in front of you, brightening it and making it a much more compelling place to be.


Dr Richard Bandler co-originator of N.L.P and creator of Timelines
Paul McKenna PhD and John La Valle (President of the Society of N.L.P) for the wonderful touches to the above technique.

Original Hypnotic Time Line MP3

This is a recording of the first video. Sit back, relax and roll with the hypnotic instructions 

Direct Instructional Time Line MP3

This is a recording of the second video. This is a more explicit and direct instructional version


Time Line Exercise PDF

Download, print off and pin it up somewhere. This is a a powerful NLP technique and the more you do it the more powerful the results you will see.

Click here to download the audio and pdf file