Week 3: Exercise

Supercharge your ability to manifest your visualisation by following the technique below.

  1. Make a solid intention that you ARE going to manifest your desire and that you are going to set aside five minutes every single day for this. You are not going to miss a day until you HAVE manifested your intention. This is a solid contract which should have some ceremony attached.

    Example: Sitting in a place of natural beauty look up at the sky or out to sea and proclaim orally I will set aside five minutes every day to manifest a Ferrari. I will not stop until the Ferrari is in my possession.

  2. At your chosen time sit with your back straight & your hands facing palm up (notice the difference in energy when your palms are facing down) breath, notice your breath.
  3. After roughly thirty seconds of breathing see the Ferrari on the screen of your consciousness. It is yours in your mind, see it in a setting that is familiar to you. Perhaps parked in your drive or at a familiar location if you feel as though your drive is not an appropriate setting.