Week 4: Exercise

Pretending that your dream of a financially abundant life is either inevitably about to come true or has already come true, list the physical action steps you can now take that either (a) prepare the way for its arrival or (b) presuppose your manifestation is already here.

Examples for preparing the way for a financially abundant life

  1. Research online things that you will purchase
  2. Calendarize holidays
  3. Decide on your accountants, lawyers etc.
  4. Plan where you will stable your horses
  5. Plan how you will diversify your wealth
  6. Shop for and test drive a new boat
  7. Shop for and test drive new Range Rover

Acting As If you are already financially abundant

Practice your signature with dreamed-of title. Buy an outfit ideal for your dream holiday. Sketch out dream home for your architect. Decide on perfect thank-you gift for your agent. Put dates in your calendar with amazing events’

Update business cards with your new position. Have friends help you celebrate great news Forgive, move on; there are better things ahead Treat yourself to little splurges

  • Forgive debts owed to you
  • Buy the shoes for an exciting event, as if going Improve what you can at home
  • Give larger than normal tips
  • Hire housecleaner and/or gardener

Always, while doing these things, feel that your actions represent the real you and are reflective of your life today