Why am I unable to receive?

Why am I unable to receive and allow?

There could be a number of reasons for this and we’ve explored quite a few of these already in the program. For example, things such as low self-esteem and not feeling like you deserve the life you dream of. In addition to those: 

  • You don’t believe it is possible– you don’t know how you can create the life you really want. You have no idea how to make the money you need, or recover your health. You feel trapped by circumstances that feel beyond your control and you can’t see the path out.
  • You don’t trustin something bigger then you to provide – you’ve never considered that you’re not alone and that something bigger than you ‘has your back’. It doesn’t mean you have to be religious, it means you have to be open to being supported and not doing this all on your own.
  • You get what you expectand so life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Have you noticed that some people just expect good things to happen and generally it does. You expect it to be hard and a struggle and so that is exactly what you get.
  • You have a strong belief that you should be able to make everything happen yourself and allow others to help and assist makes you weak or indebted. The very word surrender might be very uncomfortable for you, like you’re giving up or giving in and therefore you’re not good enough because you couldn’t make it happen.
  • You’re emitting negative energy – I know the concept of energy maybe new to you and a hard thing to get your head around. Perhaps you’ve never considered that emotions are energy, or that energy in this sense even exists, but as we talked about above, if you are emitting negative emotions, you are getting back a direct match for what you’re putting out there.
  • You’re trying to control the outcome of situations. Firstly, you want change in your life, but are you trying to control how that happens and what the end result looks like. It may be that you’re too attached to things happening in a certain way and if this doesn’t happen you don’t consider it a win or success. I believe that sometimes the universe has a better plan and when you give yourself up to that, you can be more accepting of what happens along the way and where you end up. If you try and control things, you may miss opportunities, friendships and relationships that could be the best thing that ever happened to you.
  • You’re trying to control the actions of others, as you’re holding onto expectations for how they should behave.When you refuse to accept people for who they are and you keep hold of the belief that you can change them or control them, you’re opening yourself up to lots of heartache You may be able to guide others, but you can not change them, this has to come from within them. If you do not like who they are and what they stand for, then you have decisions to make. Accept them warts and all, or lovingly release your need to control and change them. For some of you this may be about putting into place stronger boundaries so that you don’t get frustrated by the choices they make, and for some of you, it will be about ending relationships that no longer serves you.

Now that we’ve looked at how and where you could be blocking abundance, let’s look at the following questions:

  • Where are you blocking the flow of abundance? Think about compliments, people trying to buy you coffee/tea, or perhaps not allowing people to give you their full attention because you switch the conversation back to them
  • Where in life are you focusing on lack and there not being enough? List everything you can think of
  • What are your honest thoughts on energy and vibration? It’s important to notice this and any resistance you may have
  • Do you have plenty of high vibrational thoughts throughout the day, or are you caught in cycles of negativity and lack?
  • Where have you become very attached to the outcome of things and how things must happen?
  • Where are you trying to control the situation and others?
  • What needs to change and are you willing to do this