Are these beliefs about money and rich, successful people even yours?

Now that we’ve explored your views around money and rich successful people, it’s important to check in with yourself and ensure they’re actually your views and beliefs. Otherwise you’ve been making decisions and living your life based on the opinions and truths of other people!

It’s widely believed among experts that most of our conditioning is formed before the age of six! Children before this age, are observing and watching everything and they take in the world subconsciously. From this they give things meaning and it eventually turns into their truth. These truths then influence you in forming opinions and making decisions. 

Can you see that the danger with this? You’re basically carrying the heavy and restricted beliefs of other people, i.e your parents and worse it’s impacting your life and your current reality. Your parents view and experience of the world is likely to be very different to yours, so having awareness of this is key. 

Most of us will have taken on views, stories and beliefs from parents and key role models, because at one point in our life, we were impressionable children. Most of us didn’t dare question what we saw, heard and were told. As an adult you now have the choice to release and shed these old and outdated beliefs and to let go of anything that was never yours in the first place. 

For some people this doesn’t end in childhood, we can even find ourselves swayed by our friends, colleagues and partners too. Anyone who has come into your life and left their mark, can also impact your thinking and your beliefs. 

So let’s explore your childhood and the people around you a little more, to find out what things you have take on as truth, when it comes to money. 

  1. What things did you constantly hear about money and about those people who had money, from your parents and other role models when you were young? Think about the things your parents still say about money? ‘Money doesn’t make you happy’ was something I heard and still hear constantly. Luckily I never took that belief on as my truth, but it would have been easy to, if I wasn’t more self aware.
  2. Look at your parents and other significant people in your life now. Can you see how they treat money, how they feel about money and how it impacts them? Are there any similar patterns in your life? For example, perhaps your parents always had debt and borrowed money. Or perhaps they were scared to spend money and so squirreled it away in case it run out, which actually blocks the energetic flow of money and creates an energy of lack. What about how your friends and partner are with money? What patterns can you observe there?
  3. Can you begin to see how these beliefs have constricted you, impacted your choices, perhaps controlled you and held you back?

Please don’t worry if you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed with everything you’ve discovered, this is totally normal and it’s why I’ve created this program in the way I have. You get the insights, but then you have the resources and tools to move into healing and releasing. I don’t believe in having awareness and then not taking action. 

There are a number of things you can do to release the past and rewrite your future, so let me share a few things below: 

  1. Self-awareness is so essential, so use your journal/diary to get clear on what is driving your thoughts and behaviours. You just have to be prepared to dig deep and sometimes face uncomfortable truths.
  2. Use the EFT scripts that are provided within the program
  3. You can meditate – whether unassisted in a way that works for you, or through guided meditations. There is no right or wrong way with this, the key thing is taking the time to be still, present and to go within.
  4. Do forgiveness work if you need to. This is both for you and the choices you made and towards others for the beliefs they passed on to you.