How to receive more and the importance of gratitude.

If you want to encourage the flow of abundance to you, start small. Get used to how it feels and then do more and more of it. It’s like working a muscle in the gym, it takes time and commitment. Soon there will be no stopping you, because it will change how you feel physically and emotionally: 

  • Graciously accept compliments. Practice saying thank you, even if you don’t believe the compliment, accept it anyway. Over time this will become easier for you.
  • The next time someone offers help, accept it. Enjoy the process of working together to get something completed.
  • When the focus of attention comes to you, accept it. Don’t try and immediately shift it onto someone else. Start to share a little of yourself, this small thing will have a huge impact on your relationships, because when you choose to share something of you, people feel connected to you.
  • Start bychoosing to see where you have more than enough, when you begin to recognise and name this, you will see abundance all around you.
  • Let go of the outcome. The result will always be whatever is needed and know that even if it does not look the way you hoped, that’s okay. Sometimes the universe has a better plan, go with it.
  • Stop trying to control others. This could even take the form of being/feeling responsible for what happens in their life. I am not talking about the children you may be responsible for, I’m referring to adult that have the ability to shape and choose their own path. There comes a point when you have to let go and accept where they are in their journey
  • Meditation. I love using meditation to help me release all the blocks to receiving and to help me expand my heart space so that I can receive even more. It helps me to be more present, to see the beauty of the moment and to trust in the process of life. With that comes an increased ability to receive.
  • Try switching offfrom the news, gossip and social media for a few days. These things make you focus on all the bad and negative things in the world, you end up living in fear, scarcity, lack and comparing yourself to others. It tal
  • Stop comparingyour life to others. Know that no matter what you do or have, you will always be able to find someone who has done it better or who has more, so make your peace with that. Just accept where you’re at and enjoy the journey of your life.
  • Finally acceptance. Accept what is and the things you can’t change. Trying to change people and circumstances that are out of your control is the definition of madness.
  • Express gratitude.This is such a powerful and simple thing to do, so let’s look at it more closely.

Practice gratitude

So far we’ve looked at a number of things that could be blocking abundance flowing to you, and we’ve also started to look at ways that you can move past this. As well as everything else I have already suggested, I am also going to recommend that you follow a gratitude practice. This is the best and most effective way to open yourself up to receiving and allowing good things to flow to you. 

This is not just a nice to do, this is something that has been scientifically proven time and again. The research shows that when you commit to a gratitude practice you ultimately feel happier. From my point of view, when you feel happier, you benefit from better emotional and physical health and it also becomes easier to hear those quiet whispers of your soul. Essential if you are looking for the deeper meaning and purpose behind your life.

Gratitude also helps by:

  • Giving you perspective. Often things are not as bad as you think. Gratitude helps you to re focus and see the good in things and people, it stops you from escalating things out of proportion
  • Appreciation. It allows you to be thankful and appreciate what you do have in life. For example, a roof over your head, clean running water and great friends etc. It’s never all bad and so having a gratitude makes you stop to appreciate the things you can sometimes take for granted
  • Strengthens your connection to people. When you look for the good in others, you become more accepting, warts and all. When others feel that sense of acceptance, they feel more connected to you and a deeper relationships can develop
  • Cultivating a sense of peace. As you learn to accept what is, you can let go of the outcome and having to control everything. Holding onto control is exhausting, it makes you hyper vigilant, which is draining on your endocrine system (just think burn out, adrenal fatigue etc) and every little thing that doesn’t go as you wanted or expected can cause stress
  • Raising your energetic vibration. As you’re emitting an energetic frequency of love, joy, acceptance, thanks etc and this will help more abundance and good things to come to you. This is the perfect excuse to go and do the things that bring you joy

When we can look around at our life and be grateful for even the small things, then it is much harder for those negative and low energetic vibrations to pull us down. 

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”  Eckhart Tolle 

If you don’t have a daily gratitude practice, this is the perfect time to start one. It doesn’t have to be big, you just have to commit to doing it. Let me share how you can incorporate more gratitude into your life: 

  • Keep a gratitude journal/diary. Start small and every evening list three things that you’re grateful for. You’ll go to sleep in a high vibrational state, which is essential for healing. If you know that you have to find three things a day to be thankful for, your awareness will improve as you look for things to list. We all know that what you focus on, you get more of, so identifying good things will just help open you up to more abundance in your life. Another bonus to this practice is that once you get into the swing of this you will realise just how abundant your life already is.
  • Future gratitude journaling. This is where you write about your day with gratitude and as if your ideal day has already happened. So you write about how amazing it felt to wake up in your dream home, to make coffee in your perfect kitchen, to look out of the window and see your perfect view. You might then talk about your business, your friends and family and all the amazing thing you get to do and have. Allow yourself to get in the feeling of it, as well as describing it.
  • Every time you notice a negative thought about a situation or person, find one positive thingtoo that you’re grateful for within that person. I know this is hard, but it helps you to let go of the negatives and to be grateful for having them in your life. A very useful exercise when the person is a significant other, sibling, child etc and someone who can’t be lovingly released from your life.
  • Try and give a compliment to someone else, or thank them for being part of your life. Be genuine and see how it feels to make someone smile. It will help you to look for the good in people and appreciate them for the part they play in your life.
  • Celebrate. Too often we rush ahead to the next thing that must be completed or that needs our attention, but stopping and celebrating is essential. It’s a chance to turn around and reflect on how far we’ve come and to inject some fun into our lives. So celebrate all the milestones that feel important and be grateful that they happened and you got to play a part in them. Anniversaries, birthdays, the holidays, the first time your child walks, the first tooth, a promotion at work, a pay rise, your most successful month ever, the list is endless. The more you choose to celebrate, the more things you will find to celebrate and the happier you will feel.
  • Look for the learningin situations and interactions and be grateful for the growth.When you do this, you will be less focused on all the reasons that the situation or person is bad and over time you will find it easier to detach from the outcome. Think about a challenging situation you have had to deal with in the past, or maybe you’re struggling with now. What have you learnt about yourself or about life as a result of this? Has anything positive come from this experience?

To sum up, I am going to leave you with the words of Oprah Winfrey – “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”