Procrastination in your business

Procrastination when it comes to your business is something I want to give a little more focus to, because a lack of action is the killer of dreams when it comes to your business. 

Over recent years I have seen so many people fail to take action in their business and because of this they either no longer have a business, or they’re still struggling with a very expensive hobby and a frustrated partner. 

If you really want to do what you love, be paid well and release the struggle, you have to take action. Even when you’re scared and even when you have no idea what you’re doing . Will you mess up from time to time… of course… every business owner does. I have failed and pivoted more times than I can remember, but I never ever give up and I keep on taking action. I listen to my intuition and the ideas that come through, I take action while the inspiration and motivation is strong and I just do it. Because of that I have a business that financially supports me and I get to do what I love every single day.

When I hear people talking about how they don’t enjoy their work, I feel so incredibly sad for them. I know there is another path and another way, but I also know that sitting and waiting for it to happen, is not the answer. You have to grab life and your business by the horns and get out there, because if you don’t, I guarantee someone else will and then you’ll end up frustrated as you watch other people live your dream life.

So what kinds of procrastination can come up in your business?

  • Using a lack of clarity on your ideal client or your offering as an excuse not to take action. If you wait until you have all the answers, you will miss out on so many opportunities, believe me, I’ve seen this happen to others time and time again. Part of discovering what you love and who you want to work with, is simply about being out there in the world and doing something. There are no rules against constantly tweaking how you offer your gifts… in fact as you grow and evolve, I feel it’s a totally natural process.
  • Feeling like you have no idea what you’re doing. So many people hold onto the belief that they don’t know what they are doing in their business and this is when overwhelm and procrastination can set in. Time to stop judging and comparing yourself to other, just follow your intuition and put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes you will succeed and other times you may fall flat on your face, but I guarantee you will always learn.
  • Choosing not to make a decision as you fear making the wrong decision. This can range from very small things, like what topic to pick for this weeks blog to the fundamental direction of your business.  
  • Not asking for help. Remember, we don’t know what we don’t know and it’s okay to learn from those further ahead.
  • Not listening to your intuition and gut when you get an idea. You sit on the idea until you’ve thought yourself out of it, or someone else has launched it and you fear you’ve missed the boat.
  • Being afraid to sell yourself and what you have to offer. Selling makes people feel uncomfortable, I include myself in that, so I had to find a way that works for me.
  • Not creating the content you know would engage your community and build a relationship of trust with them. This could be video, Facebook Lives, blogs, podcasts… anything that you know would help.
  • Not showing up on social media so that people can get to know you.
  • Not raising your prices, even though you find yourself resentful of working so cheaply and doing so much for your clients.
  • Not releasing clients and work that no longer feels in alignment with you. By keeping hold of the old, there is no space for the new to come to you.

Some questions for you to consider:

  1. Review your business/work and the things you’re procrastinating on. Where are you not taking action, or stopping taking action?
  2. Can you identify what this is really about? For example, is there fear or limiting beliefs you need to deal with?
  3. Is there a theme appearing within life and business generally?
  4. Can you see how procrastination is impacting you from achieving more success and abundance?
  5. What are you willing to act on and commit to immediately?

Remember, when you’re stuck in procrastination, you’re not taking action and action is key in you being able to receive. More on this a little later.

How to move through procrastination

By answering the above questions, you now have more awareness of where you’ve been holding yourself back and why. This information is so valuable, because now you can begin to get out of your own way and make things happen.

Let me share some basic tips on how you can get things moving again:

  1. Be honest and clear about what you’re doing and why – make sure you answer all the questions on procrastination, because self-awareness is key.
  2. Ensure your vision or dream is powerful enough for you and has real meaning. If you aren’t bothered either way about it happening, then why are you wasting your energy on it?
  3. Create an action plan for the next week, month, quarter or year? If you don’t know what you’re working towards, how can you achieve it. This will keep you on track and will give you clarity every day on what you need to be doing. Some people feel very restricted by planning as they want to feel free and go with the flow…. so let me offer a simple reframe. Planning will set you free, because the success that comes will give you more choice and freedom than you ever thought possible.
  4. Take consistent action every day. Even if you’re scared, even if you don’t feel like it and even if you’re questioning everything. You’ll gain more clarity from being in your business and trying things than you will by sitting and waiting.
  5. Ask yourself why you’re not creating free content, an opt-in, a new course, service or offering? Or perhaps why you’re not raising your rates, asking for a promotion etc… get curious about your fears and the stories in your mind.
  6. Do the thing you’re most afraid of first thing in the day. For many people it’s when their energy and motivation is at it’s highest.