Your views on rich and successful people

If you believe that all rich people are selfish, arrogant, entitled and dishonest and that you most definitely aren’t these things, you will again end up blocking money. You’ll either be scared to earn money in case you change and turn into someone that you don’t respect or like. Or you’ll feel completely disassociated from those traits and therefore decide that being rich just isn’t on the cards for you, because only rich and successful people are like that.

This is when you need to look past the person, because just as there are rich people who are selfish, arrogant, entitled and dishonest, there are also some poor people like that too. It’s just that we’ve chosen to focus on rich people and made money the problem. If we’re honest, it’s because part of us is searching for a reason to not need, or desire the money so badly. If we can justify to ourselves how bad it would be to be rich and how awful we would be as a person, then we don’t feel so bad when we aren’t rich. It’s a strange logic, but that’s the way our mind works. 

So let’s consider all your negative views about people with money and those who are successful: 

  1. How do you feel about rich and wealthy people? How do you feel when you’re around them? Is there someone in particular who really triggers you when it comes to money and wealth? Can you identify why? Think about who they are as a person, how they behave and treat others and how they spend their money.
  2. How do you feel about successful people? What makes them successful and who comes to mind? Again we’re looking for the people who trigger you the most, because like it or not, we learn the most about ourselves from those who trigger us.
  3. What things do you often hear yourself and others saying about rich people?
  4. Do you want to be rich and wealthy? Maybe you feel pressure to achieve a certain lifestyle and earn a particular amount of money, which in reality is out of alignment for you. Pressure can come from many places, family, partner, the industry in which you work and the people you surround yourself with. So just check in with yourself and ask yourself if you’re chasing your dream, or someone else’s,
  5. Is there part of you that is jealous of their wealth? If so, ask yourself what this is really about. What is it that you believe the money gives them, or allows them to do, that you can’t right now?

These questions can provide some powerful insights into our mind, our judgements and our money blocks. So what have you now become aware of? Is there anything significant now coming to light for you? 

For many people, their insights can trigger lots of self-judgement and anger. They’re shocked that their own beliefs have held them back and impacted so many of their choices. I’ll say this again, please don’t judge yourself. You did the best you could at the time with the level of self-awareness that you had. Choose only to be curious and intrigued by how you feel and know that these new insights will make it much easier to release your blocks and become open to abundance.

To help release any lingering feelings of regret or self-judgement, we will be looking at self-forgiveness later in the program. The module will also include any forgiveness work that you need to do regarding others.